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Dec 19, 2010

Marble Waterfall - Umbria, Italy

Take State Road "Valnerina" of Terni, you will reach Marmore very famous dive after only 7 km away.

It's obviously an absolute must for anyone who decides to visit Umbria. The waterfalls, which are soaked in natural beauty unsurpassed scenery, is a work made for Rome. In fact, at the time, Velino river was blown up and has created a vast zone is stagnant waters, marshes and unhealthy. Aiming to make deflow waters, consul Curius Dentatus have dug a canal which leads them in the direction of the cliff Marmore. From there he deposits them, in decreasing total of 165 meters, to bed-river from the river that runs along the Nera at the bottom of this. In every era, the beauty of the waterfall has inspired poets and artists, among these: Another Virgil, Cicero, G. Byron, and more. For about 50 years now of Waterfall water is used to fuel the hydroelectric Galleto.
Therefore, a view of the waterfall can be admired only during opening hours quoted in the table below. This is true because abbundance of water and energy they generate it is possible to establish the electrochemical, metal-working and electrical industry in Terni.


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