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Dec 19, 2010

SURTSEY (Islandia): The emerging island

Off the coast of Iceland on the morning of 14 November 1963, the crew of a fishing trawler alone saw an alarming sight. Go to the southwest II Ísleifur, dark column of smoke was rising from the water. Concerned that it could be another boat in flames, the ship's captain directed toward the scene. Once there, however, they found not a boat but a series of explosions of violence produce ash. This is a clear indication of the volcanic eruption occurred under water, close to the surface. Very aware of the potential danger but eager to watch, the crew kept their boat nearby. Indeed, the extraordinary events that they will see a small part of all morning that: the formation of a new island.
Although now quite visible, the eruption lasted for much, much longer than II Ísleifur will be able to watch. After several days, the volcano had broken the water surface, forming an island over 500 meters long and 45 meters. Despite the rough tides of the North Atlantic may soon eroded the new island to go, was named Surtsey, meaning 'island Surtur's' - Surtur (or Surtr) into a giant fire Norse mythology. The island has proved resilient, however. Surtsey eruption is still running and increased in size more quickly than the ocean can wear it down. Meanwhile, two other nearby volcanic eruptions produce the beginning of the islands, but did not last very long. In April 1964, though, the hardest part of the eruption is over and Surtsey remained.It is quite clear that it will become permanent island - or at least as permanent it as something can be in geology. The explosion back in August 1966, and only stopped when the entire eruption finally ended in June 1967. Since then, other volcanoes have been inactive. The island was left 174 meters and about 2.8 square kilometers. At 33 kilometers south of the mainland, also marks the point just south of Iceland.


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