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Jan 11, 2011

Andaman Sea Reefs, India

Andaman Sea is located on the east bank of the Indian Ocean, the west is bordered by the arc of islands stretching from North Sumatra to the Irrawaddy delta. Coral reefs are abundant in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India), Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar), Thailand and Malaysia's west coast and northwestern Sumatra (Indonesia). Most never been visited by scientists because of political constraints, so that this region is one of the most studied areas of coral reefs in the world. Many inshore reefs occur in tidal and turbid settings, while the offshore coral reefs in the waters clearer. Regardless of the severity of physical, high coral cover and generally display a high diversity of corals. Andaman Sea has a complex geological history, sea floor topography varies, a highly dynamic oceanographic and large tidal range (2-5 m) combined with periodic sea surface depression. It is also a major sink for sediments from the Irrawaddy, the fifth largest river in the world in terms of suspended sediment load. Man-made influence is limited; sedimentation from land reclamation and dredging is a major negative factor although sea surface temperatures is a major threat. Nature of damage results from exposure to air at low tide, negative sea level anomalies, earthquakes and tsunamis. The dynamic nature of the Andaman Sea and stress resilience of the built-in many shallow-water reef areas can lead to a 'protection' is important during the era of global warming.


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