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Jan 2, 2011


Metro-2 in Moscow, Russia, claimed the secret underground metro system which is parallel with the Moscow Metro public. This system should be built, or at least started, at the time of Stalin and the code name D-6 by the KGB.

Russian journalists have reported that the presence of Metro-2 is neither confirmed nor denied by the Russian Federation Federal Security Service (FSB) or the administration of the Moscow Metro.

Metro-2 long-rumored to exceed the Metro public. It is said to have four lines, and lie 50 to 200m deep. It is said to connect the Kremlin with the headquarters of the FSB, the government airport at Vnukovo-2, and an underground city in Ramenki, in addition to other locations of national interest.

In 1994, urban exploration group leader, Diggers of the Underground Planet, claimed to have found an entrance to an underground system. Metro-2 rumors have been dismissed by one source as "a parody by public transport excursion into murky world of 'intelligence'" These sources are explained. almost all the information available to as "speculative, not supported by documentation such as photographs. There are narratives told by the people who say they helped build the Metro-2, and urban spelunkers claims to have 'seen' Metro-2 But there is no explicit 'live' account ."


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