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Jan 12, 2011

Ob River

Ob River (Russian: Обь), also Obi, is a major river in western Siberia, Russia and is the fourth longest river country. Ob River estuary also has the longest in the world.The Ob known to the Khanty people as the As, Yag, Kolta and YEMA, for the Nenets people as the Kolta or kuay, and the Siberian Tatars as the Umar or Omass.

The Ob is formed 16 miles (26 km) southwest of Biysk in Altai Krai by meeting Biya and Katun River. Both these rivers have their origin in the Altay Mountains, the Biya out of Lake Teletskoye, the Cotton, 700 kilometers (430 miles) long, blown out of the glacier on Mount Byelukha. The Ob zigzags west and north to reach the bay of 55 ° N, in which curves round to the northwest, and again north, eventually turning eastwards into the Gulf of Ob, 600 miles (970 km)-long Kara Sea, Arctic Ocean adjacent .

The river is divided into more than one hand, especially after joining the large Irtysh tributary at about 69 ° E. Originating in China, the Irtysh is actually longer than the Ob from their sources to their meeting point. From source to mouth Ob Irtysh, the longest river in Russia in 5410 kilometers (3360 miles). Other important tributaries are: from the east, Tom, Chulym, Ket, Tym and Vakh river, and, from the west and south, Vasyugan, Irtysh (with Ishim and river Tobol), and river Sosva.

Ob-Irtysh system combination, the third longest river system in Asia (after China Yangtze and Yellow rivers), is 5410 kilometers (3360 mi) long, and 2.99 million square kilometer basin area was (1.15 million sq mi).

The flow of the Ob river consists mainly of grasslands, taiga, swamps, tundra, and semi-desert topography. Plain of Ob characterized by many tributaries and lakes.

The Ob ice-bound at southern Barnaul from scratch in November near the end of April, and in Salekhard north, 100 miles (160 km) above its mouth, from late October to early June.

Ob River across several climate zones. The upper Ob River, in the south, grow grapes, melons and watermelons, while achieving lower Ob was the Arctic tundra. The climate is most comfortable to rest on the Ob - is Biisk, Barnaul and Novosibirsk. Here, summer, beautiful spring and autumn, snowy winter.


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