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Jun 6, 2011

Pamukkale (Turkey)

In Turkish the name literally means Cotton Castle and it is easy to see why it was given That name. Yet this geological wonder is Also the site of the ancient city of Hierapolis and over the Centuries the two have seemed to come together, Almost merged into one. In fact Some of the old Tombs in the city's Necropolis have changed from part of the landscape. The site Itself is a series of travertines and hot springs. The travertines here have a concentric appearance and are a sheer white Almost giving the area an ethereal appearance. The hot springs precipitate calcium carbonate at Their mouths and Organic Produce Almost the strange-looking structures.


We went on a 2 day excursion on Pamukkale. It exceeded our expectations and all the photos we took just don't do it justice. We had 2 hours free time which was spent walking barefoot down this amazing calcium waterfall feature and experience the warm to hot water rushing down over the walk way. It was also in an amazing wide river valley with views for miles around. The day we went it was cloudy but this made it look even more mysterious The way down was a bit slippery in places and can be hard on your feet, but the views made up for any discomfort. Some people went down in their swimwear and sat in the deeper pools for a while! It really did look like it was a glacier and should have been cold but was the opposite! For Christians, this is the sight of one of of the seven churches (Laodicia) and the Luke warm waters in the book of Revelations. It is also where the apostle Philip was martyred. A very memorable trip indeed!

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