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Jan 10, 2011

Circus Trees

In 1945, Erlandson's daughter and wife took a trip to the ocean near Santa Cruz, California. There they saw people lined up to pay to see the strangeness like building tilted in Mystery Spot. They returned home and mentioned (once only) that Axel's trees could draw people who would pay to see them if they are in a good travel route.
Axel jump on the idea and bought a small plot of land in Scotts Valley, California on the main road between Santa Clara Valley and the sea, and began the process of planting a tree is best for their new home. Tree Circus opened in the spring of 1947.

On June 4, 1947, Erlandson wrote to Robert Ripley sent him two photos of trees and invited him to visit. The tree appears in the column Erlandson Robert Ripley's Believe It or Not! twelve times.

To create the "Basket Tree", Erlandson planted six fig tree in a circle, topped them all on one leg, then approach-grafted them together with each other to form a diamond pattern. For the first 2.5 meters (8 '), he left the opening at the top. Today, this specimen appears as a center of Gilroy Gardens.


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