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Jan 11, 2011


Discus (Symphysodon spp.) is a genus of three species of native freshwater cichlid fish of the Amazon valley. Discus are popular as aquarium fish and their culture in some countries in Asia is a major industry.

Another characteristic Symphysodon species are their care for the larvae. The most Cichlids, parent care is highly developed with both parents care for young people. Additionally, adult discus produce secretions through the skin, the life of the larvae during their first few days. This behavior has also been observed for species Uaru. But when raised in captivity the larvae will tend to live from their parents secretion up to 2 weeks.

Third Symphysodon species have different geographic distribution. S. aequifasciatus occur in the Rio Solimões, Rio Amazonas and the Río Putumayo-ICA in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Instead of distribution of S. discus apparently limited to the reach below the Abacaxis, Rio Negro and river Trombetas. S. tarzoo occurs upstream of Manaus in the western Amazon.


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