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May 4, 2011

Tiger Snake ( Notechis Scutatus )

Snake's Description : Tiger Snake are olive to dark brown in colour above with yellowish or olive belly and crossbands. Its subspecies in Tasmania and Victoria are uniformly black.
Snake's Toxic Rank 9 : Tiger Snake is the world's No.9 venomous snake.
Snake's Characteristics : Tiger Snake is a dangerous poisonous snake found in Australia. It is very common and bites many humans in Australia.
It has a very potent neurotoxic venom that attacks the nervous system. When aroused, it is aggressive and attacks any intruder. It flattens its neck making a narrow band. Its venom is produced in large quantities, with an average yield 35mg and a record of 180mg.
Snake's Habitat : Tiger Snakes have many habitats from arid regions to human settlements and along waterways to grasslands.
Snake's Length : Tiger Snake has an average length of 1.2 meters and maximum of 1.8 meters.
Snake's Distribution : Tiger Snakes are found in Australia, Tasmania, Bass Strait islands and New Guinea.


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