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May 4, 2011

King Cobra ( Ophiophagus Hannah )

Snake's Description : King Cobra is uniformly olive, brown or green in colour with rings like cross bands of black.
Snake's Toxic Rank 4 : Famous Giant King cobra is the world's No.4 venomous snake. Extremely venomous after Philippine Cobra.
Snake's Characteristics : Although King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world and it has a disposition to go with this honour, it causes relatively few bites on humans.
It appears to have a high degree of intelligence. It avoids attacking another venomous snake for fear of being bitten. It feeds exclusively on harmless species of other snakes. King Cobra usually prefers eating non-venomous species, but if is too hungry may attack other venomous snakes like Common Kraits, other Cobras, and even eat its own specie (i.e Other King Cobras). King Cobra is a cannibal and also eats its own specie. Hence called 'Ophiophagus' which means 'a snake eater'. The female King Cobra builds a nest then deposits her eggs in it. Lying close by, she guards the nest and is highly aggressive towards anything that closely approaches the nest. King Cobras can inject more milligrams (mg) of venom than any other snake. Its venom is a powerful neurotoxin. Without prompt medical aid, death is certain for its victims.
Snake's Habitat : King Cobra's habitat includes dense jungle and even cultivated paddy fields.
Snake's Length : King Cobra's average length is 3.5 meters and maximum of 5.5 meters.
Snake's Distribution : King Cobras are found in Thailand, Southern China, Malaysia Peninsula, Southern India (especially in rain forests of western ghats) and Philippines.


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