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May 4, 2011

Yellow Jawed Tommygoff ( Bothrops Asper )

Snake's Description : Yellow-Jawed Tommygoffs are locally referred to as 'Fer-de-lance' or 'Terciopelo', has variable coloration, from gray to olive, brown or reddish, with dark triangles edged with light scales. Triangles are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.
Snake's Toxic Rank 7 : Yellow-jawed Tommygoff is the world's No.7 venomous snake.
Snake's Characteristics : The Yellow-jawed Tommygoff has an irritable disposition and may strike with little provocation.
Heat-seeking fangs help it strike accurately even in the dark. This highly poisonous snake is responsible for a high mortality rate. The female fer-de-lance is highly prolific, producing up to 60 newborns. The venom of this species is hemotoxic, extremely painful and hemorrhagic (causes profuse internal bleeding). Its cytotoxic venom also causes massive tissue destruction.
Snake's Habitat : Fer-de-lance are found on cultivated land and farms, they often enter houses in search of rodents.
Snake's Length : Average length of Fer-de-Lance is about 1.4 meters and maximum of 2.4 meters.
Snake's Distribution : Yellow-Jawed Tommygoffs or Fer-de-lance are found Southern Mexico, throughout Central and South America.


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