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May 28, 2011

9. Vitim River Bridge (Siberia)

This broad river is the Vitim River in Siberia, Russia. The bridge that's provided to get you across is made of wood and not in a very good condition. It's only wide enough for one car but it's 570 meter (1870 feet) so it takes good 3 minutes to drive across it if you're a skilled driver. If you're not so skilled, you could be looking at a 15 meters drop into the Vitim River, which ain't no fun. And that's really nothing. Vitim River Bridge is in Russian Siberia. For those who don't know this region, it gets brutally cold there most of the year with temperatures way below Northern Ontario and everything covered in snow and ice. This bridge turns into an icicle with no traction yet locals drive up and down this bridge as it's often their only way across Vitim River.


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