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May 30, 2011

Another 12 Creative Doorstops

OMG They Killed Kenny! Fans of South Park are Quite familiar with Kenny, the lovable hooded parka muffled voice kid Who is killed in virtually all of the Earlier episodes. Here is the doorstop.

For cheese lovers, hunters or mice, this yellow Swiss cheese will do the job.

Alleluia! This crucifix will of the keep doors open. Believe it or not, Door stopper cross to hook on the door after use.

Sexy doorstop!

This cute little door-mouse ($ 4.45) is as dead as a doornail. He was squashed cans so you enter and exit a room with ease. A humorous way to prop open any door!

Loose Leaf ($ 9.95) looks like it wafted out of the sky and flitted to your entryway. But looks deceive cans - Actually it is a very reliable and practical doorstop, as functional as it is evocative!

Funny ghost devil doorstops designed by Alan Lau and Kikkerland Design. 

This rabbit ($ 19.95) That is not lazy, after all, it's hard work keeping That door open!

Sold in sets of 2, this adorable doorstop in the shape of a tube-May be small, but it firmly holds open doors of all sizes.

Blob promotes head door-stop headache drug. Simple and fun ideas.

This brand Silly doggy doorstop ($ 10.99) is as practical as it is cute.

The award winning SPLAT has been featured at the 2006 ICFF, in Interior Design Magazine, Metropolis Online, and Samsungs Digital Magazine. Designed by Peter Pracilio, Mino Kodama and Ian Collings.


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