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Jul 12, 2011

5 Scenery Animals in New Seabed Atlantic

The word comes from Greek mythology Atlantic, which means "Sea of ​​Atlas". So namedbecause the Atlantic is one of the largest and richest oceans of both flora, fauna, andmythology. Atlantic Ocean is the world's second largest ocean, covering about 1 / 5 the surface of the Earth. Is still a lot of wealth that is still unsolved. Here are five animals that became the basis of the Atlantic Ocean on the basis of the new landscape of the Atlantic ocean.

1. Weird Pretty in Pink (Color Pink Beautiful Creatures)

This animal is the pink variety of marine worms, they often leave traces of spiral in the sand, at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

2. Star of the Show (Star Performances)

This animal is a sea star, also known as sea stars or Gorgonocephalus basket, theycatch small shrimp with using his hands a lot and convoluted.

3. Ridge Runner (Runners Mountain Steep)

Sea cucumber (Peniagone porcella) seek food on the seabed, but has the ability toswim. These animals are found among the hills and valleys in the mountains of the Central Atlantic Ocean.

4. Visible Cucumber (Sea Cucumber Transparent)

The inward parts of this sea cucumber (Peniagone diaphana) can be seen from the outside or in other words, this animal has a skin layer of a transparent body. This species was first discovered in 1882.

5. Glowworm of the Deep (fireflies Seabed)

Scale worm (polychaete Polynoid) is one of many animal bioluminescent (glowingcreatures) in the bottom of the ocean. This worm glow in the dark.


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