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Jul 11, 2011

5 Disadvantages Google

Google is the world's largest Internet companies are popular because of its searchengine. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no ivory that is not cracked, Silicon Valley-based company, the United States also has some disadvantages such as the following:

1. Google Finance is America-centric

You would be hard to find good information financial business of other countries. In addition, referring to writings Felix Salmon, Google Finance also did not show financialratios such references do Yahoo. No features such as price earnings and stock price in it.

2. Founded Google Checkout

Digital payment service is considered less mature and self-limited. That's why people prefer Paypal which offers more all menus and ease of payment.

3. Establishing Picasaweb Album

Pengola Picasa itself is rated as the best photo album, but features of Picasa WebAlbums feels very bad. The reason, its operation was confusing. Therefore, better get out of U.S. $ 25 for Flickr Pro instead of Picasa Web.

4. Google Web Accelerator Less Privacy

Google Web Accerelator many highlighted in the matter of privacy, but because itcauses the appearance of a number of sites do not look perfect. It also makes Googlesuddenly clicked all the links on the site of a sudden, but often ignore the confirmation of the Javascript language.

5. In fact, Google Maps Help Terrorists

Although brilliant, but this product actually help terrorists launch the action. For exampleGoogle Maps showing the location of Arthur Road jail perpetrators of terrorist bombingsof Mumbai, India, so it could happen at any time release the attack. The question arises,why the location is sensitive not only eliminated?


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