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Jul 11, 2011

5 world's largest land animal

1. The biggest rabbit

This is Amy, the biggest continental rabbit on earth. Rabbits are animals with four legsweight 25.401 kilograms! Cute rabbits that have actually died in 1999. And Ralph, one of Amy's child, is likely to break the record for his mother's weight.

2. Biggest dog

Gibson, known as the tallest dog in the world after measuring the Guinness World Records in 2004. The high? 107 cm. Once recorded in the Guinness, the dog's biography is published in the title of Gibson Speaks.

3.Biggest pig

XU Changjin, a farmer in the town of Wafangdian, China is the owner of this giant pig.She has cared for these pigs for 5 years until the weight reached 900 kg, before finallypigs died on February 5, 2004. Record Guinness world record registered in pigs. After death, these pigs were cremated and placed Liaoning Agricultural Museum.

4.Biggest cow

Cows are the biggest stud named Chile. Chile has a height of nearly 2 meters and weigh over a ton. The owner claimed to have no special recipe to raise cows. Only thegreen grass that makes cows grew by now.

5.Biggest tiger

This is the kind of the biggest lion Liger / Lion-Tiger (half lion half tiger). Liger is living inMiami Zoo, and recorded in the Guinness Book World Record as the largest lionweighing almost 450 pounds!


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