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Jul 6, 2011

5 strange curse

A curse can make us feel sad, especially to those who believe. something thathappens begins with any causal association, an event that completely by chance, socome to the conclusion of mystical factors. Here are 5 weird curse that happened andexperienced by celebrities, and prominent world figures.

1. Curse of Tippecanoe

William Henry Harrison occupied the presidential seat in the United States in 1840with the slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" which describes his participation in thewar Tippecanoe in 1811. Harrison died a year later after he became president, as a result of pneumonia which he suffered. What happens after that is, every president who was appointed in the year ending with the digit 0 (zero) always died when theyoccupied the presidential chair, among others, 1860 (Lincoln - shot), 1880 (Garfield -shot), 1900 (McKinley - hit), 1920 (Harding), 1940(F Roosevelts) and 1960 (Kennedy-hit). Ronald Reagan made ​​the curse stops, when an assassination attemptagainst him stopped.

2. Superman curse

This curse, occurs in people who were involved in the story of Superman over the years. George Reeves and Christopher Reeves is the star who once portrayedSuperman. George Reeves died of suicide, while Chistopher Reeves becameparalyzed due to injury when he was riding. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created theSuperman character is who and who uttered the curse of Superman suspected it was because they had an unfair compensation money from DC Comics. Because of thiscurse, a lot of actors who turned down the role as Superman.

3. The Curse of James Dean's Porsche

The Curse of James Dean's Porsche
 Actor James Dean's car accident that caused his death on September 30, 1955. At that time the car he was driving a Porsche Spyder he named Little Bastard. His friendwho had accompanied James Dean in a vehicle that is Rolf Wutherich and hesurvived, others with James Dean whose life ended in that car. Thereafter, the carcass Little Bastard was purchased by George Barris. and Little Bastardmechanical wounding two people when they're entering into the garage Barris LittleBastard. With the same car, also injuring two people, Troy McHenry and WilliamEschrid. accident continued contact with the car, until the car disappeared1960 on the market.

James Dean's Porsche crash
4. The Curse of Tutankhamen

Lord Carnarvon, a financial backer in the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb was rushed to Cairo because of illness. That lasted 2 months after opening the tomb ofTutankhamen. Lord Carnarvon died several days later of unknown causes just mentioned the possibility of infection from insect bites. Not only that, reportedly thedaughter of Lord Carnarvon at the same time did not stop his father's pet dog barkingand died instantly. The most surprising is when mummy Tutankhamen was opened,was found injured in the same neck of the mummy in precisely the same insect bitewound to the neck of Lord Carnarvon. In 1929, eleven people who are involved withthe discovery of the tomb died by unnatural causes.

5. The Billy Goat Curse

Messianic Bill is an immigrant from Greece who took his goat see a baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. Murphy, the name of the goat he had brought a blanket and in a way is applied with the added words "We got Detroit's goat". Messianic and goats are allowed past the Wrigley Field andhad time to sit in the place where according to the ticket that he bought  were expelled from the stadium before the game because of the command and PhilipKnight Wrigley (owner of the Chicago Cubs) because of the odor generated from thepet goat. Messianic angry and swore that the Chicago Cubs will never win a game atWrigley Field. And this condemnation was clearly visible when the Cubs relegation toDivision II.



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