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Dec 19, 2010

Golden Falls, Islandia

Gullfoss (English: Golden Falls) is a waterfall located in Hvítá river valley in southwest Iceland.
Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The Hvítá width rushed south. About a mile above the falls turns sharply to the left and flows down into the "ladder" wide curved three steps and then suddenly plunge in two stages (11 m and 21 m) to 32 gap m (105 ft) deep. Gap, about 20 m (60 ft) wide, and 2.5 km in length, which is at right angles to the flow of rivers. The average amount of water running over this waterfall is 140 / s in summer and 80 / s in winter. The highest flood measured was 2000 / s.
As one of the first approach fall, the gap is closed from view, so it appears that a fairly large river disappears into the earth.
During the first half of the 20th century and some years into the late 20th century, there is much speculation about the use of Gullfoss to generate electricity. During this period, the waterfall was hired indirectly by the owner, Tomas Tomasson and Halldór Halldórsson, for foreign investors. However, the efforts of investors do not succeed, partly because of lack of money. The waterfall was later sold to the state of Iceland. Even after it was sold, there are plans to utilize Hvítá, which will change forever the waterfall. This is not done, and now protected waterfall.

Sigridur Tómasdóttir, daughter of Tomas Tomasson was determined to preserve the condition of waterfalls and even threatened to throw herself into the waterfall. Although it is widely believed, a very popular story that does not save Sigridur waterfall from incorrect usage. A memorial stone for Sigridur, which is located above the falls, depicts her profile (citation needed).
Together with Þingvellir Haukadalur Gullfoss and the geysers formed the Golden Circle, a popular day tour for tourists in Iceland.
Gullfoss appeared on the cover of the album by British band Echo and the Bunnymen Porcupine.
The Gullfoss features in the music video for the single "Heaven" by the band Live. During a video of a young man and a young woman who is separated by a river Hvítá exchange of written messages carried on the stones they threw each other through the river and falls. At the end of the music video youth attempt to swim across the river downstream from Gulfoss Hvítá. His friend the young woman was so horrified to see he's washed down the river Hvítá that he also jumped into the river to rescue him. They then float down the river holding each other.


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