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Jan 12, 2011

Lena River

The Lena (Russian: Лена, IPA: [l ʲ enə]; Sakha: Өлүөнэ, Ölüöne) is east of three large Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean (the other two is the River Ob and Yenisei River). This is the 11th longest river in the world and has the 9th largest watershed. It is Russia's largest river with a watershed entirely within the national range. 
 On the upper west and northwest of Lake Baikal rivers flowing mostly north. 4400:. A small lake in the Baikal Range, in the Baikal-Lena Reserve, 10 km west of Lake Baikal, at an altitude of 1800m. The Lena flows north 19 km, loss of height of 600 meters and be passed by raft. Apparently then west and south of losing another 600 meters at 128 km, to Chanchur, where there are ranger station. 4222: Kachug: initial navigation, the road to Irkutsk. 4197: Verkholensk: Kulenga River estuary, northwest through the mountains, Tutura River. 4108: Zhigalovo: initial passenger service, including the Hydrofoil to Ust-Kut. Canyon downstream.

In the middle of the river flows mostly north-east. 3705: Ust-Kut: northwest of the northern tip of Lake Baikal. In the Cossack era, this is the site of the portage between Yenesei and Lena. Today is the point at which the Baikal-Amur Railway Mainline meet Lena and handles 80% of the cargo in the territory of the Republic of Sakha. 3698: Lena: It really is part of the Ust-Kut, which is very spread out. Lena is a river port. 3397: Portage Cossack and former port: Kirensk. 3101: 'The devil's road', the dangerous in flood. 3096: Shcheki ('cheek'), a narrow section with cliffs and corners. Sakha Republic border. 2955: Vitim: and now selatan.Kita Vitim River from northeast of Lake Baikal. The river widens. Many dead trees in the water. 2931: Peledui: Peledui River, ship repair company and the salt mines. 2744: Lensk: The most important port between Kirensk and Yakutsk. Road 230 km from north to Mir Mine.Here is the stopping point of the 'Perlinsky Trakht', a former courier routes. Lena turns southeast and then northeast. 2587: Chepaevo: 2547: Macha, 2337: Olyokminsk:, Olyokma River from the south. The river widens to 2 km and has a broad flood plain. 2213: Uritskoe, 2030-1850: Lena Pillars: cliffs along the right edge. 1937: Sinsk, Sinsk River and petroglyphs. 1820: Mokhsogollokh: ferries and paved roads to Yakutsk on the edge of the opposite (west). The river turns north. 1805: Pokrovsk: downstream: Tabaga Cliffs, narrowed, power lines and site is planned for the railway bridge Amur Yakutsk Mainline. Nizhny Bestyakh: 13 km south-east of Yakutsk on the left edge, Lena Highway coming from south. Kolyma Road to the Pacific began in the nearby.

At the bottom of the river flows mostly north. 1710: Yakutsk:. 1560 Aldan River from the east. Rivers tend to northwest. 1373: Sangar: coal mining. 1560: Vilyuy River from the west. Rivers tend to north. 959: Arctic Circle. 939: Zhigansk, founded in 1632, 865: Agraphena Island. 545: Sikhtyakh. 385: regional centers: Kyushur. 222: Lena Delta. 0: Tiksi: to the east of the mainland to the delta. Ports, airports, two and a half months of the navigation season. Five degrees north of the Arctic circle.


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